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Bitcoin (BTC) is a safe, secure, private way to make online purchases. It can be transferred securely between two people anywhere in the world without releasing any personal or financial details and all in just a few clicks.

 At first it may seem a bit confusing but it's actually quite simple to set up.  Basically you create yourself a bitcoin wallet, buy bitcoin with a credit card or bank account and purchase goods online.

Coinbase makes it very easy and convenient to purchase bitcoin (BTC) as well as many other cryptocurrencies. Sign up with Coinbase by clicking the link. If you sign up with Coinbase by clicking our link we both get $13 when you buy or sell $133 of digital currency. On top of that we will include free 25g of kratom with your order.  You can buy bitcoin and send bitcoin (BTC)

directly from the Coinbase app.

If you are new to bitcoin here are some links that can help you out:

Bitcoin simply explained for beginners

Getting started


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